Isn’t religion merely cultural?

One’s religion, it is said by the skeptic, depends on which culture you were raised. If you happened to be raised in Pakistan, you would probably be Muslim. If you happened to be raised in Israel, you would probably be Jewish. If you happened to be raised in America, you would probably be Christian, etc.

This objection violates what in the field of logic is called the genetic fallacy. In short, the objection is logically irrelevant.

The answer is simply that the truth of God is true no matter in what culture you were raised or to what religion you hold. Cultural convention does not prove any truth claim. Any given culture’s values could be wrong, as has been demonstrated many times in history.

It seems imperative that one should not hold to any religion blindly, but rather, to examine seriously the truth claims of any given religion.

Whether you are an atheist, agnostic, Christian, or follower of some other religion, we challenge you to examine deeply your beliefs—putting aside feelings, pre-conceived ideas, or cultural conventions.