COVID Vaccines: The Emperor Has No Clothes. 100+ Reasons for Concern

Faith Facts is a Christian website which seeks Truth. Because a core tenet of Christianity is love of one another, the following information is to educate as well as give people tools to make informed decisions about your own healthcare. As we examine our experience with the COVID vaccines, treatments, and mandates now in 2022, there are several things that are very disturbing. It's time to get facts-inated.  Please distribute this information widely, especially to people of influence (doctors, politicians, pastors, reporters, etc.). Below is a colletion of articles that we believe are from reliable sources about the possible dangers and side effects of the COVID vaccines.

Contents below: (1) Premises, (2) Recommended Resources, (3) Supporting Evidence:

                                           (1) PREMISES:

(A) We were misled about the effectiveness and SAFETY of the vaccines (better called substance injections). The original promises of 95% effectiveness were obfuscations if not outright lies. The effectiveness drops off a cliff. While it may lessen the severity of the illness, being vaccinated doesn't prevent one from getting COVID. Most studies show that natural immunity is far better than the vaccines. Moreover, the vaccinated still spread the disease. And the vaccines can harm--even kill--you.

(B) Treatments for COVID, such as ventilators and Remdesivir―along with the vaccines themselves―together have killed hundreds of thousands of people in America alone. Treatments and vaccination protocols are ignoring unknown long term risks, and are based on hear-no-evil, biased “science.”

(C) The afflicted have often not been treated early enough to save lives. We should have focused on early treatments for the most at risk, rather than unproven vaccines. An estimated 85% of deaths could have been saved by unpoliticized early treatment. Remember, COVID is not a serious disease or life-threatening for the vast majority of people.

(D) Government agencies such as the CDC, NIAID, and NIH have financial interests in the vaccine, so they have shunned more effective and much cheaper treatments (for example, ivermectin + nutraceuticals), costing taxpayers billions. The system is corrupt!

(E) There have been over 2,000,000 adverse events, and tens of thousands of deaths, CAUSED BY THE VACCINES by the government’s own data (VAERS data, see Recommended Resources below). And this data is grossly under-reported because of pressure on healthcare professionals by the government. The evidence for the full extent of potential dangers of the vaccines is being censored by the government and social media outlets, in violation of our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, information, and of the press. Washington has denied Americans their medical freedom, based on the Constitution and the Nuremberg Code of 1947:

(F) Thousands of businesses and churches have gone under because of the tyrannical overreach of the state (lockdowns, mandates, threats to the healthcare community, social distancing requirements, capacity restrictions, etc.)--trampling on our freedoms of enterprise, assembly, choice, informed consent, and religion. This is totalitarianism!

(G) A sociological syndrome called "mass delusional psychosis" (or "mass formation psychosis") has hypnotized people against scientific evidence and rational thought--for example, against early treatment in favor of unproven substance injections. The majority have simply bowed to authority similar to the "Stockholm Syndrome," where kidnapped people fall in love with their captors. Citizens have traded their discernment for a false sense of security, surrendering their medical freedom to false gods. This has dangerous potential consequences and is already responsible for untold deaths, as we document below.

(H) “The COVID-19 pandemic is the most manipulated infectious disease in history, characterized by misinformation from government bureaucracies, the media, and international agencies. A President, governors, mayors, hospital administrators, and federal bureaucrats are determining medical treatments contrary to scientific and experience-based information.” (Blaylock Wellness Report, February 2022)

(I) The vaccines have been developed through immoral use of aborted babies' tissue.

(J) The vaccine makers are exempt from prosecution of injuries caused by the vaccines, giving them freedom to impose dangerous innoculations into the bodies of unsuspecting citizens. Vaccine makers are targeting children for vaccination which is a legal ploy to maximize full liability protection. This, when almost no children die from COVID.

Our government is out of control. There seems to be no limit to the absurdity--cancel culture, censorship, crackpot science, and authoritarianism. Please consider the evidence below. Resistance is spreading.


                                  (2) RECOMMENDED RESOURCES:

US Senate COVID Treatment Summit (January 2022, 5-hr video begins at the 40 minute mark). These testimonies from scientists and practicing physicians will fry your hair. This is a MUST WATCH for doctors:

Here's a summary of the Senate Summit:

VAERS (US Government data) Summary of Deaths and Adverse Reactions:  
Click on the Weekly Summary. Adverse Reactions are over one million! And deaths are over 20,000 (January, 2022)! These figures are probably vastly under-reported because of pressure on health-care workers not to report events. Also see: 

America's Frontline Doctors (go to the Covid-19 section from the menu in the upper right-hand corner):

Frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance:

Health Recovery Ministry:
Pandemic News:

Vaccine Deaths:

The Highwire:

Global COVID Summit: 

Speak with an MD:

My Free Doctor:

---See article about the success of My Free Doctor:

book The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


                                   (3) SUPPORTING EVIDENCE:

  1. Pfizer and Moderna used aborted cell lines for testing, and probably continue to use fetal cells in the production of the vaccines for laboratory testing when making new batches. Johnson & Johnson used aborted cell lines for testing, development, and production. This may be more extensive than commonly acknowledged. (This is the primary basis people are using to obtain religious exemptions):  
    (Click on the second video of Dr. Plotkin’s testimony above, admitting that 76 fetal cell lines are used!)

  2. 18 Reasons Not to Get a COVID Vaccine:

    17 More Reasons Not to Get a COVID Vaccine:

  3. BOMBSHELL. COVID-19 Injections Can Make You Sick. . .  Even KILL You (peer reviewed scientific proof):

    This first link is video testimony from an undertaker who has noticed fibrous clots in bodies, almost certainly from the vaccines. It is long (58 minutes) but a must watch:

  4. FRAUD! Whistleblowers reveal huge covered-up increases in pathologies--apparently caused by vaccines--including miscarriages, female infertility, cancer, neurological issues, myocardial infarctions, bell’s palsy, congenital malformations, pulmonary embolisms, auto-immune diseases, and heart and circulatory disorders. For example, diseases of the nervous system are up 968%, female infertility cases are up 419%, migraine reports are up 352%, cancers up 218%:

  5. There is evidence that vaccines may promote cancer. See this video beginning at the 4:57 mark:

  6. They lied! Proof! Here they are on camera!

  7. Hypocrites! Here they are promising no immoral mandates because it impinges on our medical freedom:

  8. Scientific evidence suggests the COVID vaccines reprogram the Immune System & cause lymphocytes to attack the body’s organs. The damage is likely permanent:

  9. If the vaccine is so great, why are so many people dropping dead soon after being vaxxed?―heart attacks skyrocket, children suffer heart problems, soccer players dropping on fields. Young people don't just DROP DEAD!:  (autopsy proof)

  10. Young men in their 30’s dropping dead for no explained reason. Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrest after Taking COVID Vaccine This Year ― Most Died! What’s going on?

  11. Studies―Vaccines may have killed 400,000 people, 20 times more than VAERS says:

  12. The Great Barrington Declaration has 900,000+ signatures from infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists expressing grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies:
  13. Deaths from COVID are vastly over-reported (only 17,370 deaths in the UK are attributable solely to COVID out of 154,000 deaths reported as being from COVID):


  15. Natural immunity is superior to vaccination:

  16. Studies--Vaccines have NEGATIVE EFFECTIVENESS, that is, they make you more susceptible to getting COVID:

  17. Highest vaxxed countries (Chile, England, Israel) have highest spikes in COVID cases, proving that vaccines are failing:

  18. EEU and WHO call for an end to COVID boosters:

  19. Psychiatrist: Lockdown policies and mask mandates linked with lower IQ in children:

  20. Study from 145 countries, vaccines make things worse, not better (believe it or not):

  21. Studies show that lockdowns don’t work and only make things worse:

  22. An explanation why so many people are denying the truth--mass psychosis, not unlike how Germans followed Hitler:

  23. More than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory COVID Interventions (Lockdowns, etc.): 

  24. Hospitals get bribes from the government for inferior treatments and COVID deaths:

  25. More reports and personal testimonies of severe adverse reactions from the vaccinations:

  26. The Vaccines are NOT safe and effective!

    Vaccines are NOT safe and effective! - Dr. Rich Swier (   
  27. Study shows dramatic decline in effectiveness of all three COVID-19 vaccines over time. We were led to believe in 95% effectiveness, but that drops to under 40% in just 6 months. Either we were lied to or the vaccine companies did not know their products.

    Let's Stop Pretending About the Covid-19 Vaccines | RealClearScience
  28. CDC report shows vaccinated people are spreading COVID: CDC report shows vaccinated people can spread COVID-19 ( 

  29. MBA star [Brandon Goodwin] gets blood clots, says from jab ends his season, possibly his career:

  30. Affected athlete who was triple vaxxed says we need to warn people about the side effects:

  31. You can still get COVID AND DIE even if you are vaxxed:

  32. Nurse whistleblower: "The reactions [to vaccines] we're seeing in the hospital with adults are terrifying and being ignored."

  33. Blood Clots in 62% of this doctor’s patients:

  34. Explosive rise in Ontario stillbirths (from vaccine?) 

  35. American Heart Association Journal publishes data that UK medical doctor claims are “proof” that COVID-19 vaccines are “murder” 

  36. 13 reasons children should not be given the COVID-19 vaccine (this is scary):

  37. “’Instead of a regulator and a regulated industry, we now have a partnership. . . . That relationship has tilted the agency [HHS] away from a public health perspective to an industry friendly perspective.’ [Dr. Michael Carome]. Dr. Fauci is the human face of this corrupt dynamic. . . . Dr. Fauci seems willing only to give us diagnoses and cures that benefit Big Pharma―instead of public health and to cover his trail with artifice.” (from The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK Jr.)

  38. Fauci, "American Mengele," should be prosecuted:

  39. For the importance of early COVID care, review the evidence for treatments: 

  40. Science should be about open debate, not censorship as is taking place today:

  41. "85% of COVID deaths could have been prevented by early treatment." (source: Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. "The Blaylock Wellness Report," December 2021 (

    Censorship of early treatment is responsible for untold deaths. Watch this very informative, though somewhat lengthy, interview of Dr. Peter McCullough:

  42. Bedridden Aussie mayor reveals horrible reactions to COVID vaccine:

  43. “Ivermectin Discoverers Won the Nobel Prize and It Beats COVID-19 in India” [better than the vaccines, but is rejected by vaccine makers because they cannot make money on it]  

  44. Dr. Ben Carson: Ivermectin-using African nations have low COVID mortality: 

  45. Dr. Ben Carson: Pandemic could be solved quickly if politics were thrown out:

  46. Numerous studies (including peer-reviews) prove that ivermectin works by blocking replication of COVID virus, and reduces hospitalizations and deaths (better than vaccines):

  47. Countries using ivermectin have much lower death rate: 

  48. Horowitz: Merck [original founder of ivermectin] rejects ivermectin for COVID treatment after getting $1.2 billion gov’t contract for expensive unproven drug:

  49. Horowitz: The indefensible approval of Pfizer and Merck drugs compared to snubbing of ivermectin:

  50. Horowitz: The Undeniable Ivermectin Miracle in India’s 240m Populated Largest State, Uttar Pradesh:

  51. Ivermectin works and is safe! It helps prevent COVID deaths, and is recommended by many doctors:

  52. With ivermectin in hand, wife dies while husband begs hospital to administer: 

  53. Miracle recovery! TX Deputy Jason Jones comes out of a coma after ivermectin treatment: 

  54. Bombshell―NFL secretly administering ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine:

  55. Study finds ‘staggering’ number of American lives could have been saved with hydroxychloroquine:

  56. Hydroxychloroquine is being used successfully around the world:

  57. Fluvoxamine may be the best drug against COVID, but it doesn’t fit the EMPEROR’S profit demands:

  58. Video featuring Dr. Ryan Cole about vaccine problems: 

  59. Video interview, Children's Health Defense, California Chapter, "Alix Mayer explains why the drug companies are targeting kids" (in spite of almost zero risk to kids). It's a drug liability ruse: 

  60. “On September 10, 2021, an ABC affiliate in Detroit solicited stories on its Facebook page about unvaccinated people who had died from COVID. Instead, the network got something they did not want: more than 230,000 messages containing heartbreaking stories of injuries and deaths from vaccines. None of these communications were reporting deaths among unvaccinated. Readers shared the post over two hundred thousand thousand times in ten days.” (Source: The Real Anthony Fauci, by RFK Jr.)

  61. "Stillbirths & deaths of newborns have hit 'Critical Levels' and cases of ovarian cancer are at an all-time high--Are the COVID vaccines to blame?"

  62. Canadian Whistleblowers Expose 13 Stillborn Deaths in 24 Hours at Lions Gate Hospital Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines:

  63. Southern California nurse: Brain bleeds, heart attacks in younger people. No doctor will admit this is from the vaccine. They wont make the VAERS report:

  64. How Many People are the Vaccines Killing? 

  65. Irrefutable evidence of the vaccines’ causative role in deaths after vaccination:

  66. Fact-checked. Myocarditis from the vaccines is serious, especially among younger men:

  67. CDC is hiding the true number of myocarditis cases in COVID vaccinated teens:

  68. Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of adverse reactions:

  69. Why are we so fixated on masks when (a) asymptomatic spreading of COVID is almost nil, (b) 18 per cent of one's breath goes around the mask, and (c) the openings through the mask are three times larger than the COVID particles. Dozens of  studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID, including the N95's:

  70. Options for prevention and treatment from different sources:

  71. LinkedIn has banned me for life for making 3 truthful comments:

  72. LinkedIn and Twitter delete the account of mRNA "inventor," Dr. Robert Malone, for warning about risks of COVID-19 shots. But the truth cannot be hidden:

  73. Emails reveal conspiracy to suppress free speech and scientific dissent, guilty parties include Fauci, Collins, Zuckerberg, Google:

  74. How billions in COVID stimulus funds killed people:

  75. Vaccine mandates may pave the way to other coercive social policies:

  76. Confidential Pfizer documents reveal 90% of COVID vaccinated pregnant women lost their baby:


    MORE HEADLINES (but without links). To verify the following headlines yourself, use Search Engine  (Google and other search engines may censor). We only recently began saving the links. But you can search the headlines yourself.

  78. “[Actress Kelly Dodd Explains Why She Regrets Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine” (“Now I personally know of at least two otherwise healthy people who died of blood clots after getting the vaccine and three others who developed Bells Palsy. Another friend of mine who was fine before she got jabbed to Myocarditis and almost died and is still really suffering and she only got the vax because her employer required it.”

  79. “First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 [Spike protein in every organ in his body]

  80. “Alert: Japan places myocarditis warning on ‘vaccines” ― Requires Informed Consent’

  81. “CDC plans meeting on rare heart inflammation following COVID-19 vaccines”

  82. “FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data” (Do you wonder why they won’t disclose it????)

  83. “Whistleblower―Funeral directors speak out―The only ones dying are from the vaccine”

  84. “Death rate from variant COVID virus six times higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated, UK health data show”

  85. “552 fully vaccinated Oregon Residents died of COVID-19, half received Pfizer Vaccine”

  86. “CDC quietly reveals shocking number of vaccine adverse reactions”

  87. “EUDRA reports many adverse reaction cases” 

  88. “As adverse reaction grows, China’s vaccine diplomacy should raise international alarm”

  89. “Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine halted at Georgia site after 8 adverse reactions”

  90. “Man’s skin ‘peeled off’ in rare reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine”

  91. “Large, red, itchy or painful skin reactions to Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in some patients”

  92. “Did CDC deliberately mislead public on allergic reactions to Moderna vaccine?” 

  93. “Deaths, serious reactions from COVID vaccine rising worldwide”

  94. “Major COVID vaccine glitch emerges: Most Europeans, including hospital staff, refuse to take it (spike in allergic reactions)”

  95. “Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine causing more allergic reactions than expected”

  96. “FDA is investigating allergic reactions to COVID vaccine in multiple states― as one Chicago hospital pauses its program after four workers suffer ill-effects”

  97. “UK health workers suffer ‘anaphylactoid reaction’ after Pfizer’s COVID vaccine”

  98. “Allergic reaction in UK healthcare staff prompt new COVID vaccine warnings”

  99. “Moderna COVID-19 vaccine induced adverse reactions, some severe, in ‘more than half’ of trial participants”

  100. “New Hampshire ‘measles’ case was likely reaction to vaccine”

  101. “There have been six reports of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Australia following the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine”

  102. “FDA document: 86% of children who participated in Pfizer Covid vaccine trial experienced adverse reactions”

  103. “Vaccine Side Effects: CDC looks into myocarditis reports in few young recipients”

  104. “Blood clots aren’t the only vaccine side effects worth studying”

  105. “Eric Clapton rips pro-covid ‘propaganda’ after revealing he suffered serious side effects from AstraZeneca Jab”

  106. “Those people who have had COVID receive no extra benefit from getting a vaccine”

  107. “Head of Pfizer Research: Covid vaccine is female sterilization”

  108. “899 People given defective COVID-19 vaccine doses in NYC’s Times Square”

  109. “Major Birth Defects after Vaccination Reported”

  110. “Owl: COVID-19 Likely to Cause Cancer Epidemic”

  111. “Surprising Side Effects of the COVID―19 doctors say [lymph node swelling, chills that won’t stop, allergic reaction. . . .]”

  112. “Canadian doctor blows whistle on neurological side effects of the vaccine”

  113. “COVID-19 vaccine can cause your mammogram to appear abnormal”

  114. “COVID-19 vaccines appear in breast milk”

  115. “A COVID-19 vaccine can cause enlarged lymph nodes in your armpit or near your collarbone”

  116. “Nearly 4,000 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts test positive for COVID-19”

  117. “COVID-19 vaccine linked to another rare blood disease: Israeli study”

  118. “CDC finds more cases of heart inflammation than expected in vaccinated young males”

  119. “Government admits that half of new Covid-19 cases in last month were fully vaccinated (Israel)”

  120. “College World Series, NC State disqualified: All four NC State players diagnosed with COVID previously had the vaccine”

  121. “UK: Most of the people dying from COVID today are vaccinated―but please continue to take your vaccine”

  122. “Vaccines may be responsible for creating variants that are resistant to the vaccine”

  123. “CDC investigating case of teenager who died after receiving Pfizer shot”

  124. “Israel: 14 of the 35 cases of Covid variant defined as serious have received 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine”

  125. “Med student dies suddenly weeks after second COVID jab”

  126. “Teenager cannot walk and has tremors after AstraZeneca Vaccine”

  127. “Mortality Rate 8 Times Higher among Fully Vaccinated than Unvaccinated if Infected by Delta Variant”

  128. “Moderna COVID-19 vaccine being probed in U.S. for higher-than-expected risk of side effect”

  129. “American Scientists Confirm Toxic Graphene Oxide, and More, in Covid Injections”

  130. “’Fully vaccinated’ account for 82% of Illinois public high school’s COVID cases”

  131. “Daily Covid ‘vaccine” death: 70. Verifiable lives saved by ‘vaccines’: 0”

  132. “Heavily vaccinated Britain now averaging 140 deaths a day, 10 times as many as a year ago”

  133. “30,305 people died within 21 days of having a COVID-19 vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021”

  134. “Vaccines Failing Against Serious Disease, Data from Israel Suggests.”

  135. “New study shows 1 in 1000 develop heart inflammation after vaccination and will have increased death rate within 5 years”

  136. “Vaccines for kids potentially more dangerous than COVID, German gov’t report indicates”

  137. “Horowitz: The country with the best data shows infection rates higher among the vaccinated”

  138. “Vermont: 76% of September Covid deaths were Fully Vaccinated”

  139. “Breaking Big: Sweden and Denmark halt Moderna vaccinations on those 30-and-under due to potential side effects”

  140. “Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries”

  141. “60% of senior citizens hospitalized with COVID were fully vaccinated: Medicare report”

  142. “Thousands of medical professionals declare COVID policies ‘crimes against humanity’”

  143. “Teen dies of heart attack soon after getting COVID shot so he could play hockey”

  144. “Actress [Melle Steward] Suffers Stroke Caused by Blood Clot Side-Effect after Taking AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine.”

  145. “mRNA Vaccines WEAKEN Immune System Even after Covid Recovery, according to UK Data”

  146. “2020 Study in NIH Archive―’COVID-19 Vaccines May Worsen COVID-19 Disease Via Antibody-Dependent Enhancement”

  147. “We’re in the middle of a major biological catastrophe: COVID expert Dr. Peter McCullough”

  148. “Sweden Halts Moderna Jab Indefinitely after Vaccinated Patient Develops Crippling Heart Condition”

  149. “Several Japanese cities report white stuff floating in jab vials”

  150. “Report Finds Increased Risk of Spontaneous Abortion Following COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy”

  151. “Reap what you sow? Doctors [who are 96% vaxxed] dropping like flies in deaths described as ‘died unexpectedly’ and ‘died suddenly’ since mid-October

  152. “German Doctor says If Anyone Should Be Locked Down and Restricted, It’s the Real Super-Spreaders” the Vaccinated”

  153. “CDC Funded Study Shows No Significant Difference in COVID-19 Transmission Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated”

  154. “World’s first Covid Injection Murder Case against Bill Gates filed in India”

  155. “UK data shows the vaccines are NOT saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada.”

  156. “BREAKING―Public Health Authorities caught fiddling Death-Rate by Vaccination Status figures―Real rates show Fully Vaccinated over 30’s are 286% more likely to die of Covid-19 [Scotland]”

  157. “Study finds Covid Vaccines increase the risk of Heart Attack by 127%

  158. “Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths since August according to latest Official Data”

  159. “COVID-19 Outbreak Reported on US Cruise Ship Despite Fully Vaccinated Passengers”

  160. “People in Their Twenties Have 7 Times Higher Risk of Death after Vaccination than from COVID”

  161. “120 Children Hospitalized, Province Suspends Pfizer Vaccine batch [Vietnam]

  162. “Healthy 19-Year-Old Girl from Australia Left with Blood Clots in Her Legs and Lungs after Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine”

  163. “American Toxicologist Calls for an Immediate Halt to Covid Injections Due to Multiple Safety Concerns.”

  164. “People Who Get Johnson & Johnson Vaccine at Elevated Risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Study”

  165. “Hannity guest [Dr. George Fareed] call COVID vaccine ‘basically useless’ and claims it’s responsible for variants.”

  166. “Natural Immunity More Protective Over Time, Thank COVID-19 Vaccination: Study

  167. “BBC News ‘forgot’ to tell you that official data shows the Triple/Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths in December”

  168. “Rare Spinal Cord Condition Flagged as Potential Adverse Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines: EU Drug Regulator”