peppered moth from Google ImagesI met a bright young man who just graduated from college on the plane this week. He  said he was not a Christian because he believes in evolution. So I asked him to explain what he meant by evolution, and he gave me the same old tired explanations—all of which are not true or are misleading.

The first example he gave me was the Peppered Moth. I can’t believe this is still in textbooks. You remember this one, don’t you? The idea was that when tree trunks became darker in England from soot in the industrial revolution, the light-colored moths became dark so they would be hidden from birds on the tree trunks.

I explained to him that his information is outdated for three reasons: (1) The originator of this idea probably doctored the data. (2) There were both light and dark moths to start with. (3) Moths never became something other than moths.

So this does not prove evolution even if the story were true. Nobody denies that there are horizontal genetic shifts based on DNA that is already in the genes. (Same thing for Darwin’s finches.) True evolution, that is “macro-evolution,” requires a greater quantity and quality of genetic material to appear in organisms. The standard evolutionary model—mutation and natural selection—cannot produce a greater quantity and quality of genetic information.

This young man stumbled to find another example, and came up with the “missing link.” Of course, all supposed missing links have been disproved. There is no missing link. Indeed, paleontologists gave up looking for them years ago.

He then insisted that evolutionary biology has led to many great discoveries in medicine. I objected. These discoveries have nothing to do with evolution. Putting “evolutionary” in the sentence with biological discoveries is propagandistic use of language. This is another trick atheists use to pull the wool over our eyes while framing the discussion around evolution. If you repeat something often enough and loudly enough, people will believe it, no matter how untrue.

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