Truth eats Darwin FishNovember marks the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species. Christians through Living Waters ministry are taking advantage of this opportunity to give away more than 100,000 copies of Darwin's book to 100 top U.S. universities, but with a SPECIAL 50 page introduction. The Origin into Schools Project removes nothing from Darwin's original work, but adds an Introduction.  

Origin of Species by DarwinIf you would like to help financially support this project, or order a few books yourself to give away, click here for all of the information and read the entire Introduction. A full Gospel presentation is included. Click on the Press Kit information and even watch a video where Richard Dawkins tells students to rip out Origins Introduction!

And please check out our articles on evolution on our Faith Facts site. Click here for the first article, Origins and Silly Putty.

God's blessings to you!





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