Check the Evidence

One of the exciting aspects of the Christian faith is that it is based on solid evidence. While there will always be a step of faith for every belief system (especially atheism!), Christianity is uniquely grounded in evidence. The evidence for the truth of the Bible, which is the foundation of Christianity, includes:

  • Manuscript evidence
  • Archaeological evidence
  • Evidence from prophecy
  • Statistical evidence

In addition, when you check out what the Bible says, then compare it to the real world, you see, that they match. For example, comparing what the Bible says about the human heart, or even what it says about science, you'll see that the truths of the Bible check out. Further, compared to other religions or philosophies, Christianity is internally consistent.

Choose One

  • Ok, I'm satisfied that there are answers to my questions. It is exciting to know that my faith has a firm foundation--that I don't have to leave my brains at the church door. I'm willing to go further!
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  • Hold on. I need more information. What about the evidence for the Bible?
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  • I'm hung up on this evolution thing. Help me with that.
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